Next Element Deluxe


80 levels to enjoy playing and testing your brain



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If you mix a good idea, good soundtrack, good graphics and a bit of intellectual difficulty, you'll have the perfect challenge for all those gamers who want something more than a game, they want to work their mind to solve puzzles in a different way.

If you are of this kind of gamers, you should play Next Element Deluxe, a lgic game, that, after a good first game, arrive in our computers with 80 levels and even more fun.

You'll control a blue haired monster who has to arrive in the Goal cell passing over a numeric corridor. You begin each level on the cell start and finish on the cell goal. You can enter the cell goal only after destroying all cells on the board. The number you can see on some cells shows how many times you must visit it to destroy the cell. On some cells you can see the arrows. When you are in the arrow cell you can move only in that way. When you leave that cell it will be destroyed. Then you can also finde teleport cells which will send you to the other teleport cell in the board. Finally, you'll complete the game if you pass all the 80 levels of the game, that means that you'll have to rack your brain for a while.

Play it, you'll enjoy a lot exercising your brain.
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